From Truth to Art - Memoir Course

with Joan Rose Staffen

4 Weekly meetings on Thursday evenings

6:00-8:00pm Mar 15 - Apr 5


Memoir—Finding Your Life Through Writing
“Writing is our second chance at life.” Jane McDonnell

This class will be for those interested in writing about their lives whether in poetry or prose form. We will investigate the world of memoir, envision our project, write short pieces, organize, and share our work. By the end of the four weeks you will be encouraged and enliven and have started an amazing journey of writing and knowing yourself at a deeper level. We will be using the text, Writing the Memoir, by Judith Barrington. Please purchase the text and read the first chapter before the first class.

Come join us in on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm, March 15 - April 5th 8-29th, 2018 Small group of 5-12 participants.

Held at  the Catamaran Literary Studio,  at the Tannery Arts Center

1050 River St., Studio #118, Santa Cruz, California.