Poetry With Zack Rogow

Spend each morning workshop (9:30 a.m. - 12:30p.m.) with Zack Rogow and a group of between seven and twelve other poets.  Each participant will submit up to five poems (not more than ten pages) for review by the workshop group. The workshop will focus on poetic craft and is meant for poets intending to publish their work. We will meet four mornings (Mon.-Thurs.) and each participant will receive focused feedback from the group on their poems. Workshop packets with all submissions will be available for online download after July 15th. Optional participant readings will be held.




Zack Rogow is the author, editor, or translator of twenty books or plays. He has taught creative writing for two decades and currently is an associate faculty member in the low-residency MFA in writing program at the University of Alaska Anchorage. His eighth book of poems, Talking with the Radio: poems inspired by jazz and popular music, was published in 2015 by Kattywompus Press. He edited an anthology of U.S. poetry, The Face of Poetry, published by University of California Press, as well as issues of the world literature journal Two Lines. His blog, Advice for Writers, has more than 150 posts on topics of interest to poets and writers. In 2015, he received the Celestine Award in Poetry from Holy Names University. He serves as a contributing editor of Catamaran Literary Reader. His translations include Earthlight by André Breton, poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, and collaborations with native speakers to translate Urdu and Romanian poetry. www.zackrogow.com

“I believe that each poet has an individual path and project. I feel that my role is first to help a writer identify those. I try to get to know each poet’s work and goals. Then I focus on the areas of greatest vitality in a person’s work, and enter into a dialogue to draw attention to that, and to help the poet center on areas of strength. I like to suggest ways that one particularly resonant poem could expand to become a series or even a book. I draw on my experience as a professor of creative writing and literature, and on my work as a literary editor.

“When I critique a poem, I try to balance encouragement and editorial suggestions. I try to suggest multiple paths, and to describe the possible results of each choice, rather than to steer a writer in one direction. I try not to rewrite a poet’s work. My goal is to offer ideas that might be productive for revisions and/or additional writing.”

The poet Linda McCarriston says "The Selfsame Planet by Zack Rogow is an intriguing study of love and loneliness, longing and the human flaw that requires it... seemingly understated... daring and beautiful."