Poetry with Dane Cervine, Mondays, 6-8pm, Nov 19 - Dec 10

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Poetry with Dane Cervine, Mondays, 6-8pm, Nov 19 - Dec 10

from 175.00

Class meets at the Catamaran Center for the Literary Arts:

1050 River St. in studio #118, at the Tannery Arts Center in downtown Santa Cruz

The intersection of Poetry, Meditation, and Therapy can be found in the single exclamatory word of ATTENTION—as in the old Zen story of life’s secret. Or in Freud and Jung’s assertion that the goal of life is to make the unconscious conscious, lest it direct your life and you will call it fate. Meditation and therapy are two forms of profound attention that can intersect, in that ancient Chinese/Japanese sense, of Kado: The Way of Poetry. Poetry as an act of radical attention, as a way of life, rooted in a meditative, psychologically sophisticated alphabet of expressed consciousness. This workshop examines the intersection, the inclusion, the collision, of these three modes of awareness in the development of poetic consciousness, and the ways one can embody this collision in Word.

 Workshop Outline:

I. Poetry, Meditation, and Therapy: Points of Origin

II.   How participation in one art opens the other two—and creates synergy

III.   How meditation can still/open the mind to unlock its language

IV.   How psychological inquiry can make the “unconscious conscious”

V.    Putting it all together: Kado, the Way of Poetry

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