Issue 13 Spring 2016

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Lorraine Shemesh

Lorraine Shemesh on her "Painted Pool" series:

"There is something very compelling about the human form in combination with the capacity of water to refract and bend light. The water has given me the latitude to magnify, explode, and dissolve the forms immersed. It has also provided the opportunity to observe and extend various kinds of patterns as they are repeated and distorted in fluctuating ways, and to address alternating concerns about continuity, disjuncture, and harmony in visual terms, as well as those of the human experience."

Having earned a reputation for contemporary realism, especially figurative works of subjects in and around swimming pools, Lorraine Shemish turned to gestural, abstract painting in the mid 1990s after seeing an exhibition of Jackson Pollock's work at New York's Museum of Modern Art. After this change in approach, her figural depictions are still recognizable, but they are abstracted and devoid of narrative meaning.

Shemesh, Lorraine, "The Artist's Voice."
Bulletin - National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts. Vol 26, Number 1, (Spring 2008): illus., 11.



Salgado Maranhao

Seal 7

Salgado Maranhao has published ten volumes of poetry and has won all the major poetry prizes available in Brazil. He has also collaborated with some of Brazil's major composers and musicians. Accompanied by his translator, Alexis Levitin, he has toured extensively in the United States with his two books Blood of the Sun (Milkweed Editions, 2012) and Tiger Fur (White Pine Press, 2015).



Harriet Scott Chessman

Halliday's Treasures

Harriet Scott Chessman is the author of the acclaimed novels Someone Not Really Her Mother, The Beauty of Ordinary Things, Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper, and Ohio Angels in addition to the libretto for a contemporary operatic piece, My Lai. Chessman's fiction has been translated into ten languages. She has taught English and creative writing at Yale University, Bread Loaf School of English, and Stanford University. After many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, she now lives in Connecticut.



Dale Pendell

Holes in the Ground

Dale Pendell combines science and poetry in his writing and is a long-time student of ethnobotany. His publications include the Pharmako Trilogy: Pharmako/Poeia (1994), Pharmako/Dynamis (2002), and Pharmasis/Gnosis (2005), all published by Mercury House.