Catamaran Writers Retreat with Joan Rose Staffen

Creative clusters, where we gather as peers to develop our strength, are best regarded as tribal gatherings, where creative beings raise, celebrate, and actualize the creative power, which runs through us all. —Julia Cameron, Author of the Artist's Way

For Catamaran Conference attendees who want an alternative to the traditional workshop, Joan Staffen, a writer, artist, and healer, will lead a series of sessions designed to generate new writing and ensure a healthy habitual writing practice. Retreat members will meet for three hours each morning in a supportive group. We will learn a short grounding and meditative exercise to remove psychic blocks, enhance creativity, and ground our energy to become fully present. We will discover motivations for why we write, create a writer’s code, and dissolve blocks in our creative process. We will be let loose to write. In supportive group discussions, we will recap and develop ways to celebrate our daily progress. We will also meet individually with Joan Rose to tackle any creative blocks and brainstorm future plans.

Daily Structure:  We start with a variety of encouragements to begin your writing session to include inspirational readings, writing prompts and visualizations. We spend the majority of the session actively writing, with just a short break. We finish with a short group writing recap and sharing.  As the week continues, the opening discussion includes a check-in of how the individual writing is progressing, and suggestions for improving productivity. It's all about generating new writing!

Texts for Retreat Class: 

  • Jordan Rosenfeld, A Writer’s Guide to Persistence, How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice

  • Elizabeth Gilbert, Creative Living Beyond Fear

  • Nina Amir, Creative Visualization for Writers

Joan Staffen assists others in rediscovering their purpose, staying on their life paths, and completing creative projects. For fifteen years she has served as a facilitator for Julia Cameron's Artist's Way, and helped her clients recover, visualize, plan, and actualize their dreams. She is the author of Swimming the Inner Ocean (memoir and story), and Catching You, Catching Me, Catching Fire (a book of poetry). For more information please see her website

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Joan Rose is a writer, artist, and creative coach dedicated to assisting others rediscover their purpose, stay on their life path, and complete their creative projects. A facilitator of the Julia Cameron’s Artist Way for fifteen years, she helps her clients recover, visualize, plan, and actualize their dreams. She is the author of The Book of Pendulum Healing (2018), Swimming the Inner Ocean (memoir and story) and Catching You, Catching Me, Catching Fire, (a book of poetry.) For more information please see her website at Currently, she lives and works in an intentional artist community, the Tannery Arts Lofts in Santa Cruz. Joan’s books as well as Julia Cameron’s books will be available at the Catamaran conference book fair.