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Vol. 7, Issue 1: Winter/Spring 2019

Highlights from the winter/spring 2019 issue:

In this issue of Catamaran we celebrate “Wild Life” the title of our cover art by renowned stained glass artist Judith Schaechter. What is it about a place or a being that makes it wild? Melissa Cronin explores such things in her essay “The New Domestic”. In “Owlgazing” Bridget Lyons takes a look at the unknown behind an owl’s stare. David Denny images the wild creativity of Gauguin in his story “Gaugin’s Razor”. And just when you think a poem is tame, there is something wild about Alice Derry’s poem “Reprieve”. Discover nuances of both the wild and the tame in Catamaran’s 24th issue.



6th Annual Catamaran Writing Conference

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August 4-8, in Pebble Beach