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Vol. 6, Issue 3: Summer 2018

Highlights from the Summer 2018 issue:

This issue of Catamaran finds redwood trees a repeated theme, both in content and in the deep color of our author's language. Jerry Martien writes about the tragic loss of old-growth redwoods at the hands of the corporate logging industry in his essay “Song of the Redwood Tree.” Maryam Barrie’s poem “At Prairie Creek Redwood State Park” echoes the tremendous healing power of these sacred forests. San Francisco-born and Paris-based author David Downie appears in this issue with a whip-smart, lacerating letter from an ex-lover to her former partner living the good life in Paris. We are also honored to have an interview with novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner Andrew Sean Greer, conducted by Karen Joy Fowler, from his stop at Bookshop Santa Cruz on his worldwide book tour.