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Old Haunt
Save Our Snap
Spin The Bottle
Captain Roger in Heaven
Negative Reservations
American Orphan
Voyage of the Rodrigos
A Song From Far Away
The Dolls
Something Miraculous

The Remote
Botanical Gardens of Vallarta
The Extinction Tales
In the Land of Oop-Pop-a-Da
The Old Woman and the Boy
The Santa Cruz Experience
Free to Good Home

Halliday’s Treasures
On Board the S.S. Lincoln
The Last Person You Will Ever Kiss
The Silent Generations
Leaf, Flower, Boll
On The Wharf
Sketches of the Arctic Tundra in October
The Man in Tweed
Altar of the Mariachi Maestro
Primate Study

In Flight
Burn ’em in Crates
The Mower

Dead Men Rise Up Never
Walter is Ugly!
Life of Ganesh
Travel Fatigue
Unexplained Phenomenon
Harold Griffin's Dream
Madame Mustache
Natural Leader
The Strange Decency of Things
The Evolution of Desire
The Great Black Hope

Tree of Souls


The Jackson Brothers

The Flat Earth Society, 1985
Irredeemable Now and Forever
In This Season of Rage and Melancholy
The Secret

Portrait of a Character in Search of a Writer
The Pacific End
Old Turnpike Road
That Season's Exchanges
Shore Leave

Café Sarajevo
What Lay Around the Bend
My American Thanksgiving
Back to the Soil

Tell Me Your Dreams
Art is the Opposite of Evil
King of Chains
Right Now
Las Arras

The Legend of La Diosa
from Epitaph

All That We Own
Burning the Fish
Short Fictions 
Meet the Author
Between the Rows
Still Life
On the Mother Road
Iron City
Atlantic Blue

Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens
Last Gallantry of a Badass
Mundo Means World

Savage Mountain
As You Know, Bob
Good Works
Dance Music for Suicides
The Reef
The Remains of Remains
Lost and Found at the Hollywood Bowl
The Flying Dutchman of the Internet
The Solitaries
A Mexican Flyboy
Coming Down
The Potato Eaters
At the Door
The Mechanics of Falling Stars

Secret Treasures
Garden of Verses
Final PeopleThe Remote