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Vol. 6, Issue 4: Fall/Winter 2018

Highlights from the fall/winter 2018 issue:

In this issue of Catamaran we take you to the streets, put you in the hot seat, show you what can happen when we don’t resist, and bring you the grand forest protector and legendary California poet Gary Snyder. You will witness the Berkeley anti-war protests of the mid 60s in Hugh Fowler’s electrifying account “Reiko.” And you will learn what propels activists into action and just how far they will go to effect change.  We won’t spoil it for you, but just know that Hank Lawson’s story “Summer Night” will illustrate what can happen when the over-inflated egos of two opposing world leaders collide. 



Broken Kingdom

by Michelle Bitting

2018 Catamaran Poetry Prize Winner

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Broken Kingdom for Best Books of 2018