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Vol. 7, Issue 2: Summer 2019

Highlights from the summer 2019 issue:

In our summer issue, Elizabeth McKenzie interviews Douglas Brinkley about the inspirations behind his new book American Moonshot. Delve into the magnificent oasis of the Mojave with Christina Waters’s “Desert Queen” essay, and explore its antithesis by swimming along the Alaskan coast in Joanna Kadish’s “Ice Dunking.” Then, journey into explorations of human endeavors with a variety of short stories from Peter Ho Davies, Jory Post, Richard Chiappone and more. Our poetry features conference instructors Dorianne Laux and 2018 Catamaran Poetry Prize Winner Michelle Bitting. Paired with everything from intricate woodcuts to masterful oil paintings, this issue is sure to evoke feelings of the long-awaited summertime season.



6th Annual Catamaran Writing Conference

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August 4-8, in Pebble Beach