Book Review Guidelines

Welcome to Catamaran Literary Reader’s column for book reviews. Here at Catamaran we are dedicated to the pursuit of the arts past and present and are consistently on the lookout for new material. If you have published a piece and would like to garner some exposure, we encourage you to submit it to us for exactly that. However, we are aware that new work is created every second, and being a small non-profit publication, we do not have enough time or manpower to read every published work that comes to our door. To help us alleviate the weight of our already hefty inbox, we request that the work to be considered follow these guidelines:

1)   Please submit your request with a cover letter.

A) Your cover letter should give a brief summary of your work, informing us of your chosen genre, and stylistic choices, as well as the availability of your publication.

B) A strong argument as to why you feel your work should be reviewed by Catamaran.


2)   Please confirm that your work is a fit for Catamaran.

A)  At Catamaran Literary Reader we specialize in publishing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

B) Catamaran Literary Reader focuses on West Coast themes, the arts, and nature and environment. This opens the door to memoir, all forms of poetry, and driven fiction.

C)  Our published works encompass a large array of formal and experimental forms. This is why we ask that you argue why you feel your work would be a welcomed part of the Catamaran book review archives.

3)   Please insure you can submit a physical copy of your work. A physical copy is the easiest way to make sure that each of our staff members are able to enjoy your work.

4)  To submit your cover letter for consideration, please contact our senior book reviewer Eric Weinblatt at

 Thank you all for your continued interest and creative input. We at Catamaran Literary Reader look forward to relishing in your creativity and assisting you in your artistic endeavors.

Happy writing,

Catamaran Literary Reader Staff