Living Through Snapshots: My Life as Julia Roberts

Review by Eric Weinblatt

Growing up in Hollywood Hills is no simple task, particularly when one is balancing a modeling and acting career while being constantly mistaken for the infamous Julia Roberts. Liane Langford drives this, as well as the struggle of living with Crohn’s Disease from the late 1980’s to the foreground in her novella My Life As Julia Roberts: Snapshots of a Life. As the title promises, Liane offers anecdotal evidence as she develops each photo into a witty short story. Surrounded by a lively cast of characters, Liane Langford expresses the adventure that comes along with being discovered as a modeling talent in junior high school and progressing into an acting career.

As Julia Roberts, Liane Langford finds that love is ever fleeting and that beauty is only skin deep, but that is something to laugh at when you are wearing celebrity skin. Mingling anecdotes that showcase her unique sense of humor with tales of a more melancholy tone, Liane Langford shares the highs and lows of her adventures around the world, acting and struggling to maintain romantic relationships. Fortunately, for every bad romance Liane has a humorous tale of deceit, entrapment, or simply shoes and makeup. Behind every chuckle her collection has to offer, lay words of wisdom on finding love, escaping lust, and how to dress to impress in the entertainment industry.

Being highly imaginative, and very much in touch with her own narrative voice, Liane Langford is sure to impress anyone looking to peer through the foggy windows upon the inner-workings of Hollywood’s acting and modeling scene. More personal stories cushion the gritty interior as Liane informs her readers of her misadventures with family, ex-lovers, pets, and doctors who are adamantly unhelpful, or at the very most, offer the poorest of bedside manner. Liane Langford perseveres through each trial and does so with her own sense of flare and each anecdote will tug readers closer to Liane’s inner-circle. Anyone looking for a light summer read, or a quick tour-de-force of the inner-workings of a Hollywood actress need look no further than My Life As Julia Roberts: Snapshots of a Life.
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